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Effortless daily coordination.

Advanced Location Sharing helps you make sure loved ones are where they need to be, safely and on time.

Private Circle

A space just for the fam.

Sync your family in a private, invite-only Circle to see each other’s real-time whereabouts.

Location History

Your favorite routes.

See an ongoing timeline of your family’s past trips, retrace your steps, and see stops you made along the way.

Place Alerts

Personalized Places.

Save your family’s top Places like home, work, and school to get notified as everyone comes and goes.

I work full-time at a job that requires me to travel all around the state, so Life360 helps us feel secure by knowing where we're at, at all times.

Aaditi, Life360 member


Customized Location Sharing.

Create a temporary Bubble to share only your approximate location for a set period of time. All safety features remain on, always.

One-Tap Directions

A direct path to loved ones.

Navigate directly to any Circle member just by tapping on their photo on your map — no address needed.

SOS Help Alert

24/7 personal safety. 

Send a silent alert with your location to Circle members, emergency contacts, and police if you ever feel unsafe.

My husband had a bad accident on his bike last week and called me. He had no idea where he was. I was panicked, but because of this app I was able to find him and get him help. Thank you!

Nancy, Life360 Member

Crime Reports

Aware and informed.

The more you know, the better. See where crimes happen nearby or wherever you’re heading, so you can steer clear and make decisions.


A helpful heads up.

Skip the text exchange with a quick, reassuring Check-In. Let loved ones know that you’ve arrived somewhere safely, coordinate errands, and more.